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JTHS Foundation Board Members

Jeff Barnes

Kyla Fris

Mary Gaydos

Sam Gersman

Dr. Teresa Gibson

Dr. Karla Guseman

Dr. Shad Hallihan

Alice Henderson

Katie Hunt

Mark Kroll

Dr. John Long

Dianne McDonald

Dr. Michael Merrett

Tecara Parker

John Randich

Amy Sanchez

Michael Trizna

John Wietlispach

Bruce Wright

Join Us

The JTHS Foundation is always ready to welcome new Board members who are interested in providing assistance to our schools by raising funds for grants and scholarships.  Please contact Mark Turk at 815-922-4065 if you are interested in more information about joining us.


 President                           Vice-President                                         Treasurer                                         Secretary

 Mark Turk                                                                                            George Gulas                                  Aleta Pavnica

                                                                                                                                                                         Nancy Bartels








To support Joliet Township High School District 204 students, faculty,and staff in enhancing teaching, learning, and community service opportunities.  Funding is accomplished through projects, events, and partnerships organized and implemented by the Foundation.


  • Promote a positive image of JTHS District 204

  • Award grants to JTHS students and staff to enhance educational opportunities

  • Award scholarships to deserving seniors to assist with their postsecondary education

  • Create partnerships within the Joliet and Alumni communities to support Foundations initiatives



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