How to Read Literature Like a Professor

With the grant money from the JTHS Foundation, Ms. Samsa was able to purchase a class set of the book How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster for her senior AP Literature and Composition class. This book is referenced in many AP Literature conferences and is used by teachers across the nation to help prepare students for the AP Literature and Composition test in May. The book is separated into chapters based on common themes that are often present in literary texts and breaks it down for students at a level that is easy for them to understand and apply to the literary texts they are reading. Ms. Samsa’s class was able to use some of these chapters and apply them to the texts they were reading in class, which gave them not only a greater understanding of the texts, but also a greater understanding of how to analyze any literature they came across, whether in class, on the AP test, or in college in the future.


Graduate Celina Alejos, a student in Ms. Samsa’s AP Literature class, (pictured) said of using the text: "How to Read Literature Like a Professor has given literature a whole new meaning to me. It has taught me how to read between the lines of literature and find the deeper meaning in the writing I studied. I believe every student taking a literature class should be equipped with such a book because it truly was a life saver and taught me how to better understand literature."