Going Global To GlobalFest
 As a result of the Foundation Grant, we were able to purchase craft materials and provide scholarships for 10 Joliet Central Human Relations Club members and 40 French and Spanish students to attend GlobalFest Illinois 2015:  Linked by Culture and Language at Oswego East High School on November 7, 2015.   Our students were able to immerse themselves into
authentic world cultural experience, languages, and competitions.  The best part was several of
our students (Lauryn Luangsomkham, Micaela Delgado, Luis Cisneros, and Giovanni Alvarado participated in the cultural performances and were awarded 2nd place, 1st place, and Best of Show.  Our Mardi Gras mask making activity was also a big hit at GlobalFest.  We purchased over 60 masks and they were all utilized by other participants of GlobalFest.  Overall, ttremendous success and fun!  Thank you JTHS Foundation for making this happen.  Yvonne Yelnick-Pickett, Jen Doberzstyn and Lisa Luangsomkham are excited to announce that JolietCentral will host GlobalFest 2016:  GlobalFest Welcomes the World to Illinois!

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